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We have listed below the books that we feel provide useful insight into modern day relationships.

Why do some couples stay in love for a life time? Is there something we can learn from them?

John Bowlby is the father of the attachment theory. Understanding the attachment theory and its effect of adult relationships goes a long way to us understanding why so many relationships turn stale.

I love this book. To me, it simply was a life changer. A braver and less judgemental invitation to understanding this human emotion we call love I have yet to find. Fromm asks us to begin by loving the self with kindness, not ego.

If your parents didn’t have love, will you repeat the pattern? This book explains how tolerating lovelessness is more often than not a learned behaviour.

The stereotype is that love, happiness and laughter do not last. Is there a way to see if we are compatible enough to beat the stereotype?

It is almost impossible not to identify with this book if you’ve ever been in a long term relationship. Alain De Bottom enables the reader to see that we each have an opportunity to steer our relationship based on truth, self worth and love, rather than blind hope, fear or pretence.

Is loneliness the same as solitude? The former takes place when we are unable to practice the latter. A must read in this age of social media where staying connected all the time, and its side effects, need to be curbed if we are to retain what it is that makes us human.

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