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Compass 4 Couples was set-up to provide all couples with easily accessible relationship awareness.

Many of the questions and queries we all have everyday are ignored because currently, the advice is to just get on with it and only seek help once things get serious . WE STRONGLY DISAGREE.

We love simple questions such as “why does he always pull the duvet to his side?” or “why does her morning upbeat mood annoy me?”

Such questions represent forks in the road, understanding their source can lead to awareness, unity, banter, fun and games and therefore better love; ignoring them could push you apart, invite doubt and erode your friendship.

Having a Personal Relationship Coach always available online to ask the questions above and the many more we all think of on a daily basis provides you with an invaluable opportunity to gaining better self awareness, a more fulfilling love, and ultimately, a more fulfilling life.
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