Well done!! It looks like maybe you actually get it. Your results show that you have a very good potential for sexual compatibility. I really hope this is actually the case and you’re not just good at quizzes…

Sex is meant to be adult play, and in today’s world of relationships, if we don’t have a healthy dose of play, fun, laughter, letting go and excitement, things inevitably get stale. There is a huge misconception about sex in our PC-obsessed world. I don’t know how the puritans are winning but they seem to be doing so even in our modern so-called liberal age.

Perhaps the issue is not our sexual liberation, perhaps the issue is our understanding of relationships. People seem to be a lot freer sexually when they were young, single or with their affairs. This means that our desire to have fun, let go and express ourselves sexually is there, it’s just that we don’t think it should STILL be there once we get into a committed long-term relationship. The result is a 50% divorce rate and an 80% dull long-term relationship rate

The answer is not just to be free in our sexual thoughts with our partners, but to be free in ALL thought. We need to allow our minds to roam free and PLAY with our partners’ minds. Washing up needs to be a fun, and so does sex. Otherwise, in this very comfortable and abundant world we live in, why even have a partner?

So once again, I’m very happy about your score, I hope you can continue with your way of thinking. I would like you to get in touch with me, chat about your results, discuss any questions you may have and allow us to discuss some of the misconceptions that can turn a relationship from fun to functional

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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