Well done, you definitely get it. Relationships are not meant to be possessive or dutiful or fearful. They are meant to be a celebration of finding a partner in fun, not in duty. Having said that, as good as your answers were, don’t relax. The vast majority of couples feel the way you do at some point, however, slowly but surely their relationship turns from fun to functional. This happens not because they are not in love, but because we, as a society, have far too many misunderstandings about relationships that cause more damage than we realise. Things such as ‘one must always be in the good books’, ‘it’s normal that one of the partners wears the trousers’, ‘somethings you tell your friends but not your partner’, ‘it’s wise to be careful rather than be too carefree’, ‘men and women have different brains and therefore it’s ok if there’s irritation and friction’, and many other such misunderstandings. What we do at Compass is talk about such misunderstandings and try to explain why they can be harmful and what are the better ones.

So let’s get started, NOW is the best time to get in touch because you’re in a good place and we want you to keep it that way. Use our chat facility or the messenger chat facility. Ask us anything from “is it a fact that men and women are from different planets?” or, “is it ok to now and then wonder if my partner really loves me?” or, “so many relationships get dull,how do I stop mine from doing the same?”, or whatever comes to your mind.

Let’s chat and let’s keep you in a good happy place.


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